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What is STEPtember?

STEPtember is a charity event that challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day during the month of September, while fundraising for a great cause. All funds raised are used to support people living with cerebral palsy (CP).

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. It’s caused by damage to the developing brain either during pregnancy or shortly after birth – directly affecting a person’s movement and posture for life. 

Every step you take and every Euro you raise supports a wide range of initiatives, helping people living with cerebral palsy to live their best lives. 

When does STEPtember start and finish?

In 2021, STEPtember starts on 1st September and ends at midnight on 30th September.

When do registrations open?

Registrations for STEPtember 2021 will open in June/July.

Can our organisation register for STEPtember?

Absolutely. We are delighted to welcome organisations to join STEPtember 2021.

Can our school register for STEPtember?

Yes! You will be able to register online using your school name as the organisation name, which will group all of your school’s teams under the one banner. During registration, participants will need an email address to register.

How much does it cost to join STEPtember?

Individuals and non-commercial organisations pay a registration fee of €15,- per person. Children pay € 7,50 per person. Commercial organisations pay € 25,- per person.

Where does all the money raised go?

All funds raised by participants are used towards research, our CP campaign, the organisation of support meetings for people with cerebral palsy and the development of specialized products for people with cerebral palsy. 

Can I register from overseas?

If STEPtember doesn't operate in your country, you can still participate by registering on the Dutch site. Keep in mind, any donations made to the Dutch event by people outside the Netherlands will be made in Euro's. Also we are not able to send pedometers internationally, except for Belgium.

How do I form a team?

During the registration process, the Team Captain will be able to enter the names and email addresses of up to 3 additional Team Members. Each Team Member will then receive an invitation from the STEPtember website to join the team and complete their personal registration. It’s important that each Team Member has a unique email address during this process.

How do I join a team?

Your Team Captain will be prompted to invite you during the registration process, so hold tight and wait for your invite to land in your inbox. You will then need to click on the link provided and complete your details.

What is a Team Captain?

The Team Captain is the person who is in charge of organising and registering your team.

Can I have less than 4 people in my team?

Yes. You can have anywhere from 1 to 4 people in your team.

Can I have more than 4 people in my team?

Unfortunately not. There is a set maximum of 4 people per team. You can, however, group multiple teams together by using the same organisation name.

Can I participate as an individual?

Yes! Simply sign up as an individual during your registration. You can always invite team members down the track if you change your mind.

How do I add Team Members?

To add Team Members:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to 'My Team'
  3. Select the option to invite Team Members and enter their details

They will then receive an email with further instructions to complete the registration process

How do I change my team name?

To change your team name:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to 'My Team'
  3. Select the option to change your team name

Can I be registered in more than one team?

No. Each participant is identified by their unique email address, which is paired to a single team.

I need to change the team I am in - How do I do this?

The Team Captain dashboard enables the team captain to manage their team. From here, they are able to invite additional Team Members, remove Team Members, update Team Fundraising target, create blog posts, request donations on behalf of the team etc.

How do I make a donation?

Click on 'Donate' at the top right-hand corner of the STEPtember page. On the next page, you will be given the option to make a general donation or to make a donation to a team, Team Member or organisation. 

How do I share my donation page on my social channels?

You can use the URL of your personal STEPtember page and share this via social media.

My donation didn't appear and I haven't been charged for it.

It sounds like something might have gone wrong. Please make sure you’ve completed all fields on the donation page. If this still doesn't work, use the contact form below to get in touch.

When the donation has been successfully processed, you will receive an email tax receipt.

How will my donation to STEPtember appear on my bank statement?

It will say 'CP Nederland/ STEPtember'

How can I find fundraising sponsors?

Ask! It may seem scary, but most people are happy to help. Start by sharing the STEPtember website with your friends and family and challenge them to step up.

How can I fundraise?

You can find Hints & Tips on the website.

How do I add my offline donations to my online total?

Make a payment by Ideal/Creditcard to yourself and enter your sponsor's details in the form.

How does my sponsor receive a receipt for offline donations?

When you bank the offline donation, you’ll be prompted to enter the donor’s details. Once the funds are received, your donor will be sent a receipt via email. 

Do I have to fundraise as a team or can I do my own activities?

That’s up to you! All funds raised by you and your Team Members will be combined to reach your team target.

Facebook has a 'Donate' button option that allows for easy fundraising for a cause. Should I use that?

We wouldn’t recommend using Facebook’s ‘Donate’ button. To appear on the STEPtember leader board, all participants are required to use the STEPtember website for fundraising.

Our team has reached our fundraising target, what happens now?

Your Team Captain can increase your team’s target at any time on the My Team page.

Do I have to wait for STEPtember to start before I can start fundraising?

No. You’re welcome to start fundraising as soon as you register.

Is the STEPtember website secure?

Yes. The STEPtember website uses SSL technology to encrypt your personal data when it is transferred from your browser to the website. Your personal details are protected on our servers, which are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. We never store any credit card details on our servers.

Where can I obtain fundraising materials?

On the Resources page, you’ll find a range of poster options you can use. There are ready-to-use posters to print and display in your workplace, as well as poster templates that you can customise to fit your needs.

What happens if I don’t reach my fundraising target?

Your fundraising target is just a guide to motivate you and your team throughout the challenge. Any fundraising you do will make a huge difference to children and adults living with cerebral palsy.

How do I log steps and activities?

To log your steps and activities during the STEPtember challenge, you can either use the ‘My Dashboard’ page on the STEPtember website or use the STEPtember app.

When is the deadline for fundraising/logging steps? 

Access to log your STEPtember steps will be open for a few days following the challenge completion. Donations can still be made up until midnight on the 31st of October.

How do I delete steps I’ve added by mistake?

If you make a mistake while entering your steps, log into the STEPtember website on a computer and scroll down to the bottom of the ‘My Dashboard’ page to see your logged steps. Then, simply click on the red cross next to the entry you wish to delete. Or, in the App, swipe to the left to remove these steps.

My pedometer has stopped working - what do I do?

Please send an email to

If I have ordered a pedometer, when will it be delivered?

Pedometers will start landing on doorsteps starting as of mid-August. Please allow 1-3 working days after registering for your kit to arrive from PostNL.

My pedometer hasn't arrived- what do I do?

Please get in touch with us via It will take a couple of days for the kit to arrive at your place. 

How do I download the app?

You can download the app in Google Play Store or in the App store.

The app has stopped working - what do I do now?

Just uninstall the app and re-install - also check if you have the latest update running on your device.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

You can contact the STEPtember team directly via the form on the Contact Us page.


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